Why Kids Like Wearing Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks
Kanken Backpacks Backpack Why Kids Like Wearing Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks

Why Kids Like Wearing Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks

Why Kids Like Wearing Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks

why kids like wearing Fjallraven Kanken backpacks

If you’re wondering why kids like wearing Fjallraven’s Kanken backpack, consider its design, color palette, and foam pad. Then, consider its convenience. Here are a few reasons. You’ll also see why you’ll get a lot of complements from friends and teachers. Keeping up with fashion trends is important, and there are many trendy ways to update your bag.

Simple design

If you’re a student looking for a stylish backpack that still fits your requirements, the Fjallraven may be the right choice for you. These backpacks have a simple design and plenty of space for everything you need to bring to school. Even if you’re carrying an A4 ring binder, your Kanken is a sure-fire way to turn heads on the street.

There are two side pockets on the Kanken backpack. These are not stretchy, but they can easily accommodate a thin water bottle. The Kanken is also spacious enough to hold your travel documents, including your passport. However, the lack of a thick padding on the shoulder area makes this backpack less comfortable than more bulky backpacks. However, this is offset by the large main pocket, which is a good place to keep boarding tickets, maps, and other small items.

Square shape

Fjallraven has added sustainable materials to their Kanken line of backpacks to make them even more eco-friendly. The brand’s fabric, called Tree-Kanken, is made of 100% plant-based material from certified sustainable forests and meets the same high standards as the rest of Fjallraven’s line. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re giving the earth a hand, and at the same time your pack is still insulated and water-resistant.

Kanken backpacks feature a classic minimalist design and a square shape. They come in many colors, have padded shoulder straps, and feature vinylon F interiors that are waterproof and easy to clean. The square-shaped bag offers plenty of space for a laptop, binder, textbooks, and more. The bag also has plenty of exterior pockets and top handles for carrying your bag with ease.

Foam pad

The Fjallraven Kanken is a classic zip closure backpack, developed in 1978 to protect schoolchildren’s backs. It features a Vinylon F fabric body and press-stud-secured canvas straps, an arctic fox logo badge, two side pockets, and a foam pad. This classic design has stood the test of time, and features a classic look.

The foam pad is a great addition to any Kanken backpack. This foam pad provides extra cushion without adding weight. The padding is removable and can double as a seat cushion if necessary. The foam pad also makes the backpack very easy to carry, making it ideal for daily use and travel. Here’s what to look for in a foam pad:


When it comes to convenience, Fjallraven Kanken small backpacks for girls don’t disappoint. They have plenty of storage space on the outside, a removable protective zipper and front pocket. There is also an organizer pocket and a non-slip shoulder strap. Parents who want the convenience of a backpack without the cost of carrying an extra bag will love the versatility of Kanken small black backpack.

The was designed in 1978 by Fjallraven to spare the backs of schoolchildren. Its small size makes it ideal for packing a change of clothes, a packed lunch and everyday use. These kids’ backpacks are made for the little ones, but can be extended to fit an adult. The fabric is rugged and waterproof but does not offer much flex or expansion.


The original was a distinctly different design. Featuring a removable foam pad and a simple carrying system, this smaller-sized version had a streamlined silhouette that mimicked the shape of a three-ring binder. Its small size, however, made it difficult to carry large quantities of gear, although it was still adequate for carrying two or three books.

The was originally designed for Swedish schoolchildren to prevent back problems and promote good posture. This innovative design quickly became one of the most popular urban backpacks in the world. While there are many styles of backpacks available, Fjallraven’s Kanken is one of the most unique backpacks. Kids will love its timeless design and functionality. It’s perfect for the outdoors, too.


The is a classic and a popular option for children. Unlike most backpacks, it opens to reveal the entire main compartment. The backpack was developed in 1978 to save schoolchildren’s backs. At the time, most children carried shoulder bags. Kids today can carry a Kanken fox backpack for the same purpose. Its simple design and functions make it ideal for children.

There are two sizes of this backpack: the mini and the classic. The mini is just the size of a tablet and the main compartment is deep enough to hold four or five kid-sized books. The top handles fold flat, and a clasp can be placed across to form a mini bag. Although the mini backpack is intended for kids, adults can wear it as a backpack.