Small Fjallraven Kanken Bags For Small Items
Kanken Backpacks Backpack Small Fjallraven Kanken Bags For Small Items

Small Fjallraven Kanken Bags For Small Items

Small Fjallraven Kanken Bags For Small Items

You can never have too many pockets in your bag, but a small Fjallraven Kanken can fit your essential items like cash, keys, or cell phone. Kanken is a durable backpack with a zippered main compartment and fanny pack straps. Designed for schoolchildren in 1978, this backpack quickly became a staple in Swedish schools, and 35 years later, it has straightened the backs of millions of people around the world.

Kanken Fanny pPack

The Fjallraven Kanken hip pack for small items is perfect for carrying all of your essentials, even when you’re on the go. This hip pack fits around the waist and over the shoulder. Its main compartment contains a zip pocket, key clip, and additional zippered pockets. Kanken funny Pack lets you carry your most essential items in compact format.

Designed to keep essentials close at hand, the is a convenient way to carry a water bottle, cell phone, and other essential items. It is made from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s both fashionable and environmentally friendly. Kids love it, too. The zippered main compartment and key clip make it easy to find your keys. It also has a zippered closure, so it’s water-resistant and will keep your small items dry. It has an inside pocket and key clip, plus two zippered pockets on the outside.

The Fjallraven Kanken fancy pack for small items comes in several sizes and colors. Its durable fabric is water resistant and doesn’t pick up lint or hair. It also includes flaps that cover the zippers. These flaps are designed to prevent leakage. The also comes with a key clip. You can find one to match your clothing perfectly. Just fasten it around your hips and off you go.


For Kanken lovers who only want to carry a few things, we have scaled down the classic backpack to create a small shoulder bag. The Small Fjallraven sling carries a few things, but is not a mini backpack. The sling strap adjusts to a cross-body strap, making this a great option for carrying just a few essentials. The design of the bag is based on the Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

Both the Mini and the are made of Vinylon fabric, which is more or less unique to this brand. Both types of fabric are durable and naturally waterproof. The shoulder strap is long and adjustable, and the bag features two short handles that clip together. It has a zippered main compartment and two side pockets. Whether you need quick access to small items or to keep your smartphone secure, the Kanken Sling has enough room for everything you need.

Just like the original, it uses exceptionally hardwearing Vinylon fabric and has the characteristic format with pliant straps and practical storage. Its shoulder straps are adjustable and can be used by adults or children. It has a wide selection of colors, making it perfect for a child’s backpack. A little pocket on the back is perfect for your phone and other small items you want to be able to get to fast.

A classic backpack with ample space for all your essentials, the pocket bag is an excellent option for a compact day bag. The perfect accessory: an extra pocket! Made for easy packing, the Fjallraven pocket bag has a 7-liter capacity, just the right amount of room for a small tablet, cell phone, wallet, bottle of water, and even a sweater or drawing pad. A smaller version of this bag comes with a seat pad to keep your feet warm during the day.

Multifaceted little bag in durable G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco with a design inspired by the pockets on Fjallraven’s classic Greenland garments. Practical when travelling and small enough to carry on the inside of your jacket. The main opening has an inside pocket for a telephone. Security pocket with zipper on the back. Adjustable textile strap.