Kanken mini classic backpack for everyday
Kanken Backpacks Backpack Kanken Mini Backpack For Everyday Use

Kanken Mini Backpack For Everyday Use

Kanken mini classic backpack for everyday

The Kanken Mini by Fjallraven, a famous Scandinavian company, is a scaled down version of their cheap that’s perfect for everyday use. Kanken was first released in 1978 to solve children’s back problems in Swedish School children, who were struggling to carry around all day bags. The original Kanken has been improving over the years and is still popular today with school teachers and parents alike.

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Kanken mini classic backpack for everyday

Kanken mini classic backpack for everyday

The bag has four large wheels with handles on top. The handle can be pulled out to use it as a backpack or pushed into a built-in slot on the top. The bag is lightweight and very easy to carry. When closed, the bag fits inside a zippered compartment. The interior has several pockets, one inside the bag, and some have card slots to keep your ID and other cards handy.

I have carried the backpack through various weather conditions (from sunny South Florida to snowy Norwegian Fjords) without any damage. The interior materials are tough but not indestructible. My daughter carried hers through her soccer practice for one season, and still it looks new after three years. It still holds all her soccer balls, her water bottle, and even her lunch box.

Kanken mini size

A is very versatile, too. You can use it to carry just about anything you would need for an outdoor activity, or just a few small items. With Kanken mini size, it’s great for hiking, running, or just shopping for groceries. I used mine to carry my iPod case, keys, and charger during last week’s picnic near Yosemite National Park. The handle and zipper openings are convenient, and the bag is very lightweight.

My son carried his Kanken in the car during last week’s long hike to our cabin in Upstate New York. We had planned to hike to a waterfall at the bottom of the canyon, and to photograph some wild flowers along the way. Since we were so close to home, I didn’t want to carry a heavy backpack. The Kanken had performed admirably, despite its size. He had a blast carrying it and taking it along.

Kanken mini sale

Kanken backpacks are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including camouflage and army green. My children also like differentiating their backpack by adding a favorite theme, such as their favorite Disney character, or a sports team logo. Some have reflective strips for night hiking or activity wear, while others are just made for carrying on a casual basis.

Like other companies that sell backpacks, Kanken does quality control by following the United States Postal Service (USPS) guidelines. The company provides a two-year warranty on the product, with free shipping and handling for registered mailers. I ordered my Kanken mini classic backpack for my daughter’s birthday using the online catalog. She absolutely loves it!


If you’re looking for an affordable way to carry your essentials, then you should consider a Kanken classic backpack. It’s not everyday that you get to choose from one of these quality bags, so be sure to keep your eyes open for special offers. In addition, cheap has a number of great discount deals available if you know where to look.

I like to use a classic backpack because it’s easy to put together and take apart, so I don’t have to take the time to do that with my regular backpack. Kanken makes a great alternative because it has fewer parts to break when it is disassembled. It is a bit bigger than a traditional one, which I think adds to its value. I can’t tell you how many times I have used my Kanken Classic Backpack for a long weekend and gone home feeling like I’ve been on an adventure. It’s just so comfortable and easy to carry on.

Kanken mini backpacks in family

If you’re going on a long hike, a is perfect because it has extra padding over the shoulder area and on the back. This keeps the weight off your shoulders, which is nice after you get used to carrying a lot of stuff. Another great feature is the front zippers and organizer compartments, which make it easy to get to your necessities. You can also throw in your cell phone and keys if you like.

I like to use mine for going out to eat with my family or just hanging out with my friends. My daughter is constantly asking me where I’ve hidden her backpack so she can find her things and I can’t tell her without her knowing, which is why I love Kanken so much. The quality and durability of these mini backpacks are outstanding working. There are some models that have a padded back or have extra padding in the front that my wife finds great to use. I’ve taken mine to the beach and wear it all summer and it’s held up great.