Kanken Mini
Kanken Backpacks Backpack Is it Worth Buying Kanken Mini Backpack?

Is it Worth Buying Kanken Mini Backpack?

Kanken Mini

If you are looking into the because you think it’s cute, it definite is in person too. There are a lot of gorgeous colors to choose from and the square shape is very cool. I really love the design and aesthetic.

Kanken Mini size

The is super similar to the classic Kanken; the only real differences are the adjustable straps, and the size. The Kanken mini size measures approximately 11.5″ high x 7.75″ wide x 5″ deep, and can hold quite a lot. There is one large two-way zip-around compartment, a small size-zip pocket in the front, and two side pockets on either side of the bag.

I’ve been using and loving my Kanken Mini more and more each day, but it’s not going to be worth it for everyone. Basically it comes down to if the size is right for you.All Kanken backpacks have a unique squared-off shape; they all have the white and red Fjallraven logo patched onto the center of the backpack. The foam insert for cushioning and shape is removable. The bag is made of a vegan water-resistant Vinylon F fabric that is really durable.

Kanken Mini straps

Kanken Mini straps

Kanken Mini straps


There are two nylon handles at the top of the bag that secure with a little snap button. On the back of the Kanken Mini, the shoulder straps are in a criss cross pattern which is supposed to help distribute the weight in your bag and reduce impact to your back. The straps are adjustable and the ends snap together to keep the bag from looking sloppy.

The Kanken Mini straps adjust differently than the Classic version. Instead of having the tail ends of the adjustable straps just dangle at the end, the Mini’s straps secure with a snap-button closure. This prevents the strap ends from dangling down, and helps keep your bag from looking sloppy if you choose to keep the straps short.

Kanken Mini sale

I especially love the design and how cute the mini looks. The square shape is really distinct and I love how the zippers are more in the front of the bag (rather than through the middle), so I can open it almost down to the bottom and really see what’s inside.

Apparently, there are a lot of sellers on places like Amazon or eBay that sell fake Kanken bags; so be careful to check reviews if you are buying Kanken Mini sale on those sites. This bag is slim and lightweight, You can grab it easily and be out the door. You could easily carry the Kanken Mini as a backpack by the top handles. Just carry both straps over one shoulder.

Kanken Mini inside

Whatever I happen to be carrying that day, I like to secure all my zippers together with one of these little s-binner clips so that I know nothing is happening to my bag while it’s on my back.

If you’re in a congested area like a theme park, a packed subway/bus, or city environment, you may not be able to feel if someone tries to unzip your bag, or they just bump you and your stuff is exposed. I just like not having to worry about that.

High quality of Kanken Mini

The Kanken mini is super durable and strong. I really like the water-resistant material. The handles and the straps have held up really well without any fraying or tearing. You can also keep its squared-shape nicely.

I am especially happy with the Kanken colors. On classic Kanken in the Graphite color, white “scuff marks” started showing up on the bottom of the bag which was a little annoying since the bag was a darker color. This lighter Putty color looks great still with hardly any stains.

This is where you’ll have to decide if the is right for you. The Kanken Mini is small but I can fit a lot of different things into it. It’s great as a light-weight, hands-free purse, but it wouldn’t be my choice for a school backpack or an overnight bag. If you think you need more space, the classic Kanken may be better for you.

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Overall, I think the Kanken Mini is a good investment if you already love the design, because the quality is great. The main consideration you have to think about is the sizing for you and your needs. I recommend first measuring out the dimensions and seeing if the sizing is right for you!